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Mr. M. AnjiBabu Garu, Managing Director

About Managing Director

Sri M. Anji Babu, Managing Director of Prakruti Avenues Pvt Ltd, is a person having 30 years of experience in real estate. “Quality is the best business plan” goes the saying that had been not just implemented but also proven by Sri M. AnjiBabu is a Real Estate giant in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Odisha. Now the firm has evolved into a progressive and dynamic company with a well-deserved reputation for innovation, vision, and integrity. Our extensive experience & specialization across a wide variety of township projects enables us to approach each project with confidence and expertise that ensures timely and successful project completion. Our superior service gets the results our clients and customers want.

Mr. AnjiBabu’s success story is not just limited to the Real Estate field, but it extends to his inspiring and motivating person that serves as a guiding light to those around him. What makes him stand out is, given that he entered into the Real Estate industry as any other regular employee, he could identify the best practices in the business to leverage its potential. Since then, Mr. AnjiBabu sir made it big and realized his desire to fulfill a common man’s dream of owning a house by establishing Prakruti Avenues. He later went on to consciously create a team that’s both professional and competent to turn Prakruti into a progressive and dynamic company.

Under Mr. AnjiBabu’s leadership, his employees are often encouraged to share their opinions that in turn make them feel integral to the organization’s growth. All in all the idea is to expand not just for the sake of doing business but to have more opportunities to serve the customer community as well as generate employment for the benefit of society. Our sound market presence and professional affiliations have resulted in a strong referral base.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our company’s philosophy and we constantly strive for perfection in our service and performance by understanding their strategic objectives and providing innovative real estate solutions to meet their individual needs. Our strategy has helped literally thousands of families own their dream homes. Whether you’re interested in buying your dream home or plot, know that Prakruti Avenues will always meet or exceed your needs. Get in touch with us and experience our brand of everyday excellence for yourself

About Prakruti Avenues Pvt. Ltd.

A trailblazing journey of 30 years in the Real Estate Industry has helped us, at Prakruti Avenues Private Limited, to have a stellar reputation in creating living spaces. Our vision is to cater to the ever-changing needs of customers with value-engineering and high-quality services.

Today, we are known for our commitment to innovation and sustainability in providing real estate solutions in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Odisha. The expertise in land assessment, land acquisition, planning, architectural design, construction and effective management of a variety of projects has made us a sought after company in India. Our portfolio is spread out across 1,200 Acres, a total of 50 ventures, ranging from plots, apartments, and villas to individual houses, 25 branches with 250 employees and more than 3,000 marketing personnel.

Our focus, at Prakruti Avenues, remains on turning properties into worthwhile investments for our customers. In order to achieve it, we invest ourselves in thorough market research and design a foolproof plan. Our extensive experience & specialization across a wide variety of township projects enables us to approach each project with confidence and expertise that ensures timely and successful project completion. Our superior service gets the results our clients and customers want. To be executed by our team with professionalism, open communication, and transparent transactions. The result of which is the evident customer satisfaction and trust we enjoy to this day, a true hallmark of success. Today, Prakruti is known for its innovation and integrity in providing real estate solutions and currently ranks as No. 1 in the property market of Andhra Pradesh.

Meet our Headers

Mr. M. Anjibabu
Managing Director


Mr. K. Krishna Kanth
S&M Director


Mr. D. Parasuramaiah


Mr. M. Tej
Future C.E.O

Our Vision

Future has never looked so bright for us. To come up with more than just luxurious townships, home and residential units. To go beyond the tangible elements of excellence and facilitate a modern lifestyle and peace for customers. To build upon success and reinforce portfolio for investments. Several plans to roll out new projects to not only widen client base, but also to ensure significantly higher returns to investors.

At Prakruti Avenues, we believe that the market is gradually evolving and getting more diverse. Our new projects are planned to align with the changing dynamics of the property market and we remain committed to the qualitative growth of Vizag’s property market and elevate its excellence as a city of world class townships.

Our Mission

Having a customer base of 1 lakh, 2,000 marketing and 250 administration staffers in more than 30 branches, the Prakruti Avenues Private Limited is planning to foray into new areas like development of independent house, resorts and hotels among others. “Our motto is to offer more services to our customers, besides creating more employment opportunities for those who are interested in real estate sector,” says managing director Anjibabu. Despite the sector being affected by demonetization, he says, the company has never compromised its policy of customer satisfaction.

Our Goals

To ensure integrated and planned development with world class facilities.
To facilitate long-term partnership with vendors and maintain momentum in quality and value engineering.
To provide eco-friendly ambiance with human touch.
To become market leader in the field of township development in Vizag and its suburbs.
To offer quality plots at affordable prices, backed by quality services.
To achieve consistent growth and maintain high standards of ethical methodologies.
To maintain professional reputation as per traditional standards of service excellence and integrity.

our vision
Our Mission
Our Goals